Module 2 (five days of instruction)

The aim of module 2 is for students to become competent in the administration, interpretation and evaluation of tests using the INPP Diagnostic Assessment. Instruction is provided in the use of subtests for

  • Gross Muscle Coordination and Balance
  • Patterns of Motor Development
  • Cerebellar Involvement
  • Dysdiadochokinesia
  • Primitive and Postural Reflexes
  • Laterality
  • Oculo-motor Functioning
  • Visual Perception

Seminar discussion based on case studies using INPP Developmental Screening Questionnaire is included.

Assignments following

1) Students are required to use The INPP Diagnostic Assessment on a minimum of 6 subjects (24 hours). Use of the INPP assessment instrument involves the administration and accurate scoring of tests and interpretation of results.

2) Students must also continue to carry out continuous background reading of recommended texts (from each section of the Reading List).