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USA 2022-2023
Licentiate State Cert. Date
Anna Janoura, Principal USA
Florida 2006
Amy Schaffner Tennessee 2018
Andrea Jackson California 2019
Christi Insull Texas 2018
Edie Lilly Colorado 2021
Emily Reynolds Indiana 2020
Emily Roper Colorado 2016
Evelyn Guttmann New York 2013
Henny Bartfield Florida 2017
Jill Flores-Beraldi Florida 2020
Kara Paat Canada 2015
Lacy Davis Colorado 2021
Lindsay Fishman Florida 2021
Linett Martinez Dominican Republic 2019
Mary Cartales New York 2016
Meredith Caplan Washington 2004
Natalie Abkarian Florida 2014
Pamela “Ella” Leslein Hawaii 2021
Shannon Visentin Florida 2018
Sharmila Quenim-Herr California 2015
Tim Marsden Oregon 2011

What is an INPP licentiate?

INPP licentiate membership is renewed annually and offered to individuals who have successfully completed all of the four modules of the INPP full training. To maintain licentiate status, the INPP practitioner agrees to implement The INPP Method according to the guidelines set out in the training modules and practice under a code of ethics, specifically designed by INPP to protect the public. The licentiate must also attend two days of INPP supervision every two years.
N.B. Any person, organization or other entity that does not appear on the INPP international or national lists is not approved by INPP International and is not lawfully entitled to advertise as being a part of the INPP licentiate network.


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