Module 4 (three days)

Module 4 consists of one day of full time teaching and 2 days of written exams. The examinations comprise 4 papers:

  • Short paper (theory) – 20 short questions to be answered. (1 hour).
  • Long paper (theory) – 3 essay questions to be answered out of a choice of 5 (2 hours).
  • Short paper (practical) – 20 short questions on aspects of practice. (1 hour) or viva-voce at which students are required to demonstrate selected testing procedures and answer questions concerning the initial consultation and remedial program.
  • Long paper (practical) – 3 essay questions on practical aspects of screening, diagnosis and treatment out of a choice of 5 questions. (2 hours)

A minimum of 60% is required on every paper for a candidate to be deemed competent. It should be noted that there is no % of number of candidates who pass or fail. Success is based on individual competency to practice. Candidates are required to demonstrate a level of competency in all areas in order to be eligible for certification.

If a candidate fails to acquire a minimum of 60% on one paper, the candidate will be required to attend the relevant teaching module the following year or may be assigned additional written or practical course work to complete.

Students must have completed all assignments to a satisfactory level by the required dates in addition to achieving a minimum mark of 60% on all written examination papers. The signed certificate will be sent by post to successful students within 1 month of taking the examinations.

Follow up Supervision

Graduates are required to attend 2 days’ compulsory supervision in the first 18 months after qualifying in order for their certificate to remain valid.